"So I’ve called you boys into my office because I’m concerned about your choices. Joyce, McCully and Key;  here’s the thing to remember when wanting to be part of the club and play with the big boys.  A 6 million dollar sweetener does not make someone your friend. Especially when it’s from my purse! I know it’s exciting to be cutting fast and loose and ethics is for, well, kittens. I know you think we’re all a bunch of Nanas and that  you’re in the ‘real world.’ No! I don’t care that everyone is doing it. Local body politicians do it when they go fishing with wealthy developers. Developers do it when they hire ex MP’s . They say it’s not corruption – it’s simply ‘facilitating deals.’ Others call it buying process but that’s just semantics and I really do want to get through to you boys that when you leave the house you’re representing the whole whanau.


When you’re in the club and playing  big boys it’s easy to get confused and think that you’re important, so important  that the rules don’t  apply to you. 

But here’s the thing; there are always bigger fish than you and we are a little p*&s- fart nation floating in the middle of the Pacific and we can’t afford not to play by the rules if we don’t want to become the next banana Republic in a land with no bananas. 


If you pay 6 million dollars to a private businessman as a ‘facilitation fee’ because you’re afraid he’s going to make good on his threat to stand over you for 30 because you reneged on an even bigger deal that this family was unlikely to agree to…. then you clearly don’t understand what the problem is with the Trans Pacific Partnership deal. If it really were a partnership and about free trade then it might be worth looking at. The risk is that it is in fact a Trans Pacific Standover Deal, and it could effectively work in exactly the same way. Ask Equador how that worked out for them with the mining companies and their national parks. It is fine if you, McCully want to invest your personal money in a sheep farm in a desert. Go for it. Fill your boots! But if it’s whanau money it we need to know about it.  Somewhere it needs to be sanctioned that it is a priority –especially when you seem to have no regional development plan for places like Northland that doesn’t involve digging stuff up and shipping it out with little sign of jobs – and to be honest adding to climate change doesn’t look smart long term. Ask Texas if they’re still listening to climate change deniers right now. What happens to boys like you is you end up taking the rap for the really big fish in some grotty prison, in your case McCully in the middle East – and I don’t want you to take the rest of us down with you. It’s why, in this family we have values. It’s what we stand for. Don’t like it? Get a job with Fifa."

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