The F**K It Way

If you could do a degree in worrying I’d have a PhD by now. Having a child seems to have twisted my perspective on consequences and I now have an almost hallucinatory ability to imagine the worst possible outcomes. Of course it hardly ever happens. The cold – is a cold and not pig flu. The crack in the chimney is not forewarning of a Peruvian style land slide (I have an emergency plan which vaguely involves riding the rooftop as we go down the hill) and the recession so far has not seen us boiling grass for dinner.

I’ve tried a variety of ways to trick myself out of this negative and self defeating habit. I’ve meditated and followed my breath until convinced I actually had undiagnosed emphysema. I felt the fear and did it and later often regretted it anyway realising that ‘the fear’ was actually telling me that what I was about to do was incredibly stupid. I’ve even tried chanting mantras re: calmness and inner peace while secretly worrying that perhaps I’d really done it this time and had actually gone bonkers but just didn’t know it because I’d been too busy chanting.

Which is why I was so charmed recently to find an entire book entitled ‘The F**K it Way!

John C Parkin –the creator of the ‘F**K It Way’ says that saying ‘F’ it to everything is really ‘massage for the mind.’ He argues that it is a spiritual act to say a big ‘F**K It’ to the world and that it is the perfect ‘western expression of the eastern idea of letting go’. It would take a Scotsman to come up with this but I’m almost convinced and I can see a world of startling and life enhancing possibilities opening up before me if I become a ‘F**k It’ disciple and follow my own F**K It inner journey. From trying to do business with provincial rugby jocks to wasting life energy on working out how Martha Stewart would fold a fitted sheet – my life would instantly be transformed in marvellous ways by dealing with it the ‘F**K It’ way.

Take Lai Jian Sheng, the Chinese man who, bored after waiting for hours in heavy traffic, while a man contemplated suicide, obviously communed with his inner sense of ‘F**K This!’ and went and talked to the man. Lai offered him his hand, shook it and then gave him a big shove off. Lai was photographed giving a cheery wave to the plummeting almost-suicide victim as a final example of his mastery of the ‘F**K It Way’. I’m waiting for Lai Jian to be invited to Mr. Parkin’s Italian retreat to give insights into when the ‘F**K It’ philosophy really gelled for him. Of course this situation would never have eventuated if the potential suicide victim had dealt with his suffocating debt by saying ‘F**K It’ and declaring insolvency or whatever it is that clever business people do in order to take shareholders money and say, ‘sorry but the business has gone belly up’ as they reverse the launch out and crack open a Moet. The Directors of all those finance companies must surely be high priests of ‘F**K Itism.’

And then there’s Leo Gao and Kara Hurring. Would you pass the ultimate‘F**K It’ test? Would you be back at the helm of your failing business on the Monday morning – or would you say ‘F**K It’ and take the money and run? I’m such a novice devotee – I’d be trying to give the bank back the interest but I’m working on it.

I have a holy picture of Eric Watson and Lai Jian Sheng on my wall for inspiration. If I was Westpac I’d be looking at that villa in Italy for Leo and Kara. There’s a convention of ‘F**kiteers there every month. My bets they’re there.

The end of needless worrying is nigh. It’s time. I’m ready to say ‘F**K It’. Who will join me?

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